Important dates

  • First come, first served
    Lightning talk requests
  • February 22, 2012
    Call for presentations closes
  • February 29, 2012
    Schedule released
  • March 23
    Award nominations closes
  • March 29, 2012
    RDFC 2012

Social Event at Faktorý

Thursday evening, after the conference, Reykjavik Digital Freedoms Conference invites guests and friends to a social event at Faktorý, Smiðjustíg 6. RDFC has booked the backroom (through the door at the back to right).

An RDFC representative will sell a limited amount of coupons for beers at 500 ISK each. Guests who wish to buy [...]

Changes to the schedule

We have unfortunately had to change the schedule a bit. Ian Watson will not give his talk on Open access book publishing in Iceland. Ian will play a more central role as the conference presenter, i.e. presenting each talk. Guðmundur Þórisson has stepped in and will give a talk instead of Ian. Guðmundur’s talk will [...]

Presentation: Hallgrímur Jónasson

Open Access and the Research Funds at Rannís

Research funding agencies have played an important role in the spread of open access policies around the world. A number of research funders have instituted requirements that publications supported by their grants be made available to readers without charge. However, not all research funding agencies have done [...]

Presentation: Guðmundur Þórisson

Open access to scientific research data

The pursuit of scientific knowledge is built on a foundation of published, peer-reviewed, reproducible and verifiable research findings. Collection and analysis of data – generated via artificial experiments or gathered via observations of the natural world – has always been at the core of this enterprise and its importance [...]

Presentation: Stefan Marsiske

Mining for freedom in the European institutions

How can coders affect policymaking? We need tools to defend our newly discovered freedoms on the internet. Much of the threats are of legal nature. For improving our chances at succeeding there are now tools like Pippi Longstrings, memopol, respectmynet and a tool with a boring name: parltrack.


Presentation: Birkir Gunnarsson

eBooks and people with print disabilities – Match made in heaven or a barrier to digital inclusion? It‘s up to us!

The evolution of the printed book into a set of digital files displayed on computers or smart devices brings about a gigantic change in the way we read and interact with it. It also [...]

Presentation: Jonas Öberg

The Full Potential of the Internet

“Our vision is nothing less than realizing the full potential of the Internet.” So starts the vision statement for Creative Commons, an organisation best known for its work in stewarding the commons through its licenses. While providing the necessary technical and legal tools to support universal access to [...]

Presentation: Sólveig Þorsteinsdóttir

Iceland’s participation in OpenAIREplus

The OpenAIREplus project is about open access, research archives, and especially how it is possible to make scholarly publications within Europe available through open access. As such, the purpose of the project is to work towards open access and long time preservation of scientific articles and data.

The OpenAIREplus project is [...]

Presentation: Dagþór S. Haraldsson

Accused of Thievery by FTT

The presentation examines the copyright royalty collecting societies in Iceland, such as FTT, and explains how they accuse regular people of being thieves while in fact acting worse themselves. The presentation will look at the newest solution proposed by the copyright industry, the old idea of an Internet levy, and [...]

Presentation: Ian Watson

Open access book publishing in Iceland

We will take a look at the Icelandic scholarly publishing world and ask questions about the way that books and monographs are funded and distributed. We’ll look at successful and less successful examples, and we will try to figure out what combination of business models can ensure a thriving [...]